Delivery strategy and business success are now inextricably linked. At Express Delivery, we see that every day and we’ve built our services to help our customers succeed in the new delivery dynamic. We manage daily routed and on-demand delivery services  with a dedicated team of professionals on-call 24/7 to handle jobs of all shapes, sizes, time-frames and locations. Servicing a number of institutions, offices and sectors by rendering Courier and Delivery Services. We provide time-bound Courier and Delivery Services that are trusted by businesses in the tri-county area. Our Courier and Delivery Services involve delivering various kinds of parcels, packages and documents safely at the door step of the receiver. We strive to provide the best Courier and Delivery Services, and to accomplish this we have recruited proficient employees for whom performing their very best is of paramount importance.

Messenger Service

Express Delivery Pros has the ability to offer rush and pre-scheduled messenger service at lower prices than our competitors. Through the highly experienced and skilled expertise of our veteran dispatchers and seasoned couriers we are able to predict traffic patterns easily and avoid or overcome those obstacles which are normally encountered in going from point A to point B.

Automotive Services

Parts and tire delivery from distributor or from point A to point B at cost-efficient prices. And to optimize employees time by eliminating the need for them to stop working  to go and pick up these items. 

Food and Hospitality Services

Delivering and or shopping available for your business to keep your employees engaged and to keep you focused on your business and not on trying to figure out when you will be able to go and shop or pick up items needed for your business.

White Glove Home Delivery and Final Mile Distribution

In this high-tech economy, people are used to the nearly instantaneous delivery of information. With the click of a button or a tap on a touch pad, you can do nearly anything that used to require a trip to a store, a walk across the building or picking up a phone. When it comes to getting your packages and letters delivered on time, final mile delivery provides the speed that you need with the reliability your business requires. White Glove services include personalized trips to the grocery store, laundry, or prescription pickups.

Construction Industry

Speedy Contract or check delivery. Providing delivery service for missing material or items too small to get delivered by your supplier without incurring a huge delivery fee to your project.


Standard delivery is a cost-effective same-day delivery option for small to large items. 


Focus on providing speedy, one hour delivery for parcels and important documents.


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